Plant Health Care at Central Tree Service, Inc.

We offer comprehensive, year-round plant health care programs based on preventative care and early detection. Central Tree Service, Inc., knows that most problems start off on a small scale and can be easily detected by our certified arborist in their early stages. We take pride in having the commitment to providing 100% organic and biodegradable alternative programs. These programs have no adverse effect to humans or the enviroment.

  • Scout Programs
  • 100% Organic Insect Control
  • 100% Organic Disease Control
  • 100% OrganicSoil & Root Care
  • Dutch Elm Tree Inoculations
  • Consulting
Health Care Dutch Elm Disease Inoculations

"My Mulberry tree has never looked so good, Daniel! Many thanks for all of your fine work. You're very talented, and certainly know your business! You saved my Mulberry tree!"

Mary Ann P.
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